Way Forward for Luxe Port team: first gathering of the year 2022

The groundwork for one’s success is knowing. But KNOWLEDGE unless applied is meaningless.

We, at Luxe Port, gathered the entire sales force team to once again define ‘WHO WE ARE’ and the underlying essence of belonging to our ‘FAMILY’ to be in one spirit towards a common goal to fulfill this year 2022!

Series of terrific events, in one place and one day. Interactive activities were prepared to ensure that the growing team would be perfectly acquainted with each other Not only that we are increasing in numbers in the team, but even so our Portfolio of brands that is grander than ever.

Spearheaded by Mr. Mohammed Aslam, the General Manager, an in-depth perfume training conducted “Understanding the Perfume World” became more interesting as it was not only informative, but was made very engaging as the attending staffs undergone a brief exercise of recognizing key ingredients by sniffing scents while blindfolded.

There were tons to discover, especially the novelties in pipeline for the year, and a perfect moment to be informed of the recent categorization of our growing brands to its rightful Division. Extensive product & sales training has been conducted and honored to have the presence of Mr. Ziad Fayed, International Sales Area Manager, as he provided a wide-ranging discussion about Trussardi brand, a narrative unfolding the success behind this brand.

Planning is everything. Tackled holistically every aspect of the operation and policies being the ambassadors of the company and the brands per se.

Surely it was one perfect moment to appreciate every member of the team for every hard work and splendid performance so far!

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