About Us

A Distributor of Luxury Perfumes & Cosmetics in the UAE

The Luxe Port Trading is distribution service resource in the field of luxurious fragrance and cosmetics industry in United Arab Emirates and expanding its scope across GCC. Constituted towards the mid-year of 2018 and lead by experts who had been in distribution business for over two decades in the UAE.

Luxe Port Trading is moving fast to increase its impeccable portfolio of bespoke and internationally- renowned brands bringing luxury experience at the fingertips of the UAE and GCC customers. Our commitment to the heritage of perfumery and beauty extends to supporting our growing clients through our comprehensive service, from the sophistication of brand management, in-depth market knowledge and expertise to warehousing & logistics solutions. Operating to over 50 luxury retail stores in UAE and our breadth extends to select GCC territories as well. Luxe Port Trading’s important resource is its soul: the dedicated and competent team. In today’s market, our competitive advantage is professionalism and passion.


To bridge the gap between international Beauty Brands and Consumers in the UAE.

As a distributor, we want to offer high quality services for all-round brand management through well-trained personnel, in depth market knowledge and expertise.


Live by the vision set forth to be one of the Leading Distribution House in UAE by constantly adapting to the Challenging and Evolving business dynamics to reinforce market share and get a competitive edge for delivering the best results.


  • Leadership:

    Our primary language in every endeavor as we invest our focus to lead in every way and accelerated innovation.

  • Unified:

    The company is creating a culture of belongingness regardless of your nationality, status or social affiliation.

  • X-factor:

    The nucleus of our values with growth fueled by cutting-edge productivity.

  • Ethical:

    Actions are oriented with our complete and total commitment to our Investors, Customers, Suppliers and Team.

  • Passionate:

    Investing our utmost eagerness to achieve highest quality for every work done

  • Ownership:

    Willing to take challenges and continually make a positive change

  • Reputable:

    Do not compromise our dignity as we maintain excellence

  • Trustworthy:

    Highly observe honesty and upholds to our commitment.

  • Mr. Padma Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director

    Regarded as one of the commercial intermediaries in this region and is the Chairman & Managing Director of Luxe Port Trading, Mr. Padma Kumar, who hails from India, arrived in Dubai 30 years ago as a young aspiring entrepreneur, full of dreams and with a vision to one day build his own empire in this country, where ‘Luck favors the brave”.

  • Mr. Kashif Shehzaad, Group CEO

    With nearly two decades of experience working in both the heart and loft of the group’s distribution business, Kashif Shehzaad, the Group CEO and is actively wielding Luxe Port Trading to its fullest extent of unrealized capacity.