The iconic Moschino Teddy Bear fragrance is back! The unique second edition is this time sculpted in glass revealing an exclusive fragrance. Toy2, the new women’s fragrance by Moshino.

Olfactive family: Floral, Woody, Musk

Fragrance: The sparkling vivacity of mandarin orange and granny smith apple accompany delicate floral notes of magnolia, revealing a fresh, joyful scent. Pure, elegant jasmine petals are enhanced by the velvety tones of peony and the crisp fruitiness of white currant. Amber wood and sandalwood express an enveloping, sensual dimension, while crystalline musk adds radiance and softness

Packaging: Toy2, the new women’s fragrance by Moschino, comes in a fine transparent glass bottle with opaque finishes. The cap is the head of the bear, with a gold collar below for a touch of sophistication. The box immediately displays the design and shape of its contents

Product Range:

Moschino Toy2 EDP natural spray 50 ml
Moschino Toy2 EDP natural spray 100 ml
Moschino Toy2 perfumed bath & shower gel 200 ml
Moschino Toy2 perfumed body lotion 200 ml