Warm and embracing, the new fragrance I Costume National embodies the tradition and character of Italy and pays homage to a universal symbol of impeccable quality: Florentine leather.

The flourishing cultural and historical background of Italy needs no introduction. Since the Middle Ages arts and crafts have played a crucial role – not only for the economic, social and political development – but also giving prestige to the creative and stylistic genius that still distinguishes us today.

Fragrance: Inspired by the Italian culture and specifically by Tuscany, ā€œIā€ celebrates the most renowned and traditional craftsmanship of this region: leather. Still manufactured making use of ancient techniques, its remarkable quality makes it an incomparable product renowned all over the world. The spicy and opulent head notes of bergamot, saffron and thyme recall the precious scents of ancient times.
Lavender Oil LMR, geranium and labdanum in its deep and enigmatic heart bring back the glorious history of this land, while embracing base notes of leather, ambroxan and cedar wood, with a bold and resolute twist, reveal an elegant and fearless character.

Packaging: The bottles of I intentionally share the same black colour code, but have been lacquered with opposite gradient to differentiate and give individuality to the two creations. The boxes reaffirm this same concept by sharing a common design which is though expressed differently: a minimalist and elegant pattern that highlights the white silk-screened logo on the front.

Product Range:

I EDP 50 ml
I EDP 100 ml