Vittoria: a fantastic addition to the unique fragrances from Esse Strikes the Notes

Vittoria depicts your beauty; believe you are beautiful!

Vittoria asks you to focus every single day to be comfortable in yourself, flaunting the first version of yourself and not the second version of someone else. You are beautiful as you are.

Just like its top notes, with beautiful floral scents of rose, cherry blossoms and a splash of lemon, grapefruit, and orange effortlessly blending into the lovely floral notes of Jasmine, Peony, Gardenia and Gorse and a touch of saffron in the heart, to finally settle into the luxurious base notes of White Musk, Oak Moss and Grey Amber. 

In life, so many battles to win a war, then there are wars that never end, some others with instant effect. 

To be confident in yourself is the most important winning, it’s your great beauty; it doesn’t matter if the world figures it out, it has to be shared only with who knows how to admire it.

Don’t stop esteeming yourself, love and believe in yourself.

Sei Bella! You are beautiful!


After witnessing the overwhelming response that the existing fragrances in ESSE STRIKES THE NOTES received, we very much anticipated the exceptional acceptance Vittoria received upon it being launched in Debenhams with additional exposure in the form of an in-store podium at Mall of the Emirates, and with its launch at Galeries Lafayette- Dubai Mall. 

We can definitely see this new launch soon becoming a brand favorite among the clientele and eagerly wait for the next launch to surprise the market.   

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