Proudly presenting Esse Strikes the Notes..

If this were a fairy tale, it would start with “Once upon a time.”. Instead it begins with “There is…”, because it is a true story.

S. is a real woman. She bold, but it’s easy to make her the frailest. She is mysterious, but sometimes even a predictable woman. She is an ambitious woman, held back by her fears. She is a dreamer whose rationality can almost clip her wings.

Unique and weird fragrances, interpreting the sides of her enigmatic personality.

The main sources of inspiration of the image of the range of ESSE strikes the notes, were fashion, design and the elegance of Made in Italy.

An Italian first name gives personality to each fragrance. An homage to Italy, where Lady Fashion finds an important home.

Esse strikes the notes embodies the values of union in the family, combining fashion and modern Italian design, whose lines are innovative, but sometimes dry and well-defined.

An encounter, occasionally a collision, between tradition and contemporary eccentricity.

The range is currently composed of 4 women fragrances. All of them are Born and Made in Italy, each depicting a personality. While we cannot wait for the customers to experience the new launches planned within this exceptional brand.


Esse Strikes the Notes witnessed a grand launch through Paris Gallery stores with mall podiums at Deira City Centre in Dubai and Fujairah City Centre in Fujairah in addition to instore podiums in Abu Dhabi Mall and Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, Bawadi Mall in Al Ain and Sahara Centre in Sharjah.

The brand’s launch in the region was also graced by the presence of the brand’s principle Ms. Roberta Cerizza, who conducted an extremely informative sale and brand training for the sales teams. A Press and Bloggers event was also arranged to mark the launch of Esse Strikes the Notes in the region.

After having successfully launched the brand with Paris Gallery, the brand was launched with Debenhams through their stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and warmly welcomed by the customers of Debenhams just like in Paris Gallery.

The brand was recently launched in Galleries Lafayette, having a mall podium at Dubai Mall during the Beauty Week 2020, receiving exceptional response. 

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