Soul is pure emotion . It is a unique scent that has been created in order to embody the Essence and Soul of NATIONAL CoSTUME. The warm fragrance takes shape around an iconic ingredient: pure Amber . A great favorite of the designer, amber expresses freedom and absolute elegance.

The natural shimmering orange color of the fragrance reflects the beauty and uniqueness of its warm and pure essence .

Fragrance: National Costume worked with Dominique Ropion to create this oriental juice with a strong and unique character. The richness and rare quality of raw materials – some of them coming from the prestigious LMR Laboratory in Grasse – with the ultimate technologies create a warm, sensual, elegant and charismatic perfume, which embodies the true soul of NATIONAL CoSTUME.

Packaging: The box is matte black with a soft-touch finish, which contrasts with the intensity of the vivid orange logo. The result is a sophisticated, strong and unique creation.

Product Range: 

Soul Parfum Natural Spray 100 ml