Scent Intense is a structured fragrance with an unmistakably unique sillage. An unusual interpretation of one of Perfumery’s noblest ingredients: amber.

An intense fragrance enhanced by the harmony of amber and woods, Scent Intense expresses the mystery and radiance of a timeless energy. It is the essence of an independent person who is not afraid to state uniqueness.

Fragrance: The magnetic and sensual eau de parfum has elegant top notes of hibiscus and jasmine. Its edgy heart is then revealed through the deep essence of amber and woods.

Packaging: Ennio Capasa’s iconic bottle sculpture is reproduced in black glass.The box is painted in a particular tone of black with blue shades, cracked by a warm pearly beige strip.

Product Range: 

Scent Intense EDP Natural Spray 50 ml
Scent Intense EDP Natural Spray 100 ml