Christophe Reynaud said perfumery is not about elitism but about the warmth of sharing. This is how he finds harmony. The Santal Boisé scent is crafted from Srilankan sandalwood. Inspired by themes of family, creator Christophe Raynaud enriched the woody notes with luxurious, ambery Gurjun and saffron.

Olfactive Family: Woody
Head: Saffron, Nutmeg
Heart: Sandalwood, Gaiac wood
Dry Down: Gurjum Balm, Cypriol

Fragrance: Balsamic and milky notes of Sandalwood are warmed by the intense leathery sensuality of Cypriol. These woods are enriched by ambery facets of Gurjun and noble accents of Saffron.

Packaging: Evoking the sartorial savoir-faire of the Atelier, the perfumes are kept in entirely hand-made packaging. The lighter, fresher fragrances are stored in clear, transparent glassware, while the more intense scents boast sleek black bottles. Created by an innovative twisting technique, the glass is enriched with the name of the fragrance written in a gold tone. Hand-crafted metal caps boast a three-dimensional Medusa motif. Sculptural bottles are packed into paper boxes embellished by a gold-tone Greek Key border painted by hand. The boxes reveal a mirror that feature the Atelier Versace logo painted in a gold tone.

Product Range:

Santal Boisé EDP 100 ml