“I sought an intense and decided fragrance to suit a self-assured and, above all, attractive man. My perfume is dedicated to a man with a strong personality who is not afraid to reveal his love of fashion, and who enjoys it as an expression of spontaneity and character” 

Donatella Versace

Fragrance: A classic yet surprisingly contemporary aroma, overwhelms the senses. A vibrant blend of fougère (fern), in which bergamot mingles with geranium to evoke a suggestion of lightness which evolves through notes that achieve a harmony of warmth and strength. Citrus from Diamante in Calabria, leaves and blossom of the bitter orange tree lit up the fragrance by accents of a Mediterranean nature. The heart of Versace Pour Homme is defined by its almost tactile mineral-floral aroma of clary sage and blue hyacinth. A deep impression of incisive and seductive notes comes from cedar wood and agar wood. Amber and musk deliver deep and sensual base notes, the essence of pure masculinity.

Packaging: The fragrance is contained in a bottle that resembles a facet cut gemstone. An interplay of reflections outlines the profile of the bottle through which the blue of Versace Pour Homme is visible. The incised Greek fret motif in silver, unmistakeable emblem of the Maison, enhances both the stopper and the outer packaging of the perfume.

Product Range:

Versace Pour Homme EDT spray 50 ml
Versace Pour Homme EDT spray 100 ml
Versace Pour Homme EDT spray 200 ml
Versace Pour Homme after shave 100 ml
Versace Pour Homme after shave balm 100 ml
Versace Pour Homme deodorant spray 100 ml
Versace Pour Homme deodorant stick 75 ml
Versace Pour Homme shower gel tube 250 ml