Eau de Parfum

Miranda by Esse Strikes The Notes is a Woody Chypre fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance

Someone makes his mark, somebody else quietly disappears. The unmistakable footstep, combined with her pragmatic approach, anticipates making her unique.

She is mysterious, enigmatic and characterized by her sophistication. Innate elegance of body and mind, untouchable, but sharp as a strong emotion. The elegance is loud, it is what you could own without flaunting, simply bringing it with you: it is an attitude, it is what you can see, but you cannot describe and, above all, emulate.

It is not the dress to make her elegant, it is just her.The elegance to talk, the elegance to move, the elegance to write, the elegance to be. Elegance that smells of boldness.

“Elegance is the scent trail that you leave.”

Top note: Floral Aromatic
Heart note: Woody Floral
Base note: Chypre Oriental