Wood is a dual project designed around the characteristics of wood – strong and sturdy, with a complex structure that makes it unique and inimitable – creating new scent, Green Wood.

Young and capturing the zeitgeist, the protagonists for these fragrances live on passions, good vibes and an impulse towards what’s new. They are looking for a sophisticated essence that expresses the authenticity, depth and passion that defines them.

Olfactive family: Aromatic Wood Fragrance

Fragrance: In Green Wood, the new men’s fragrance by Dsquared2, the energy of lemon and the aromatic freshness of santolina are enriched by vibrating touches of bourbon pepper, elegantly spiced. Sophisticated woody notes of cedar wood and vetiver are blended with a resinous original accord, evoking a generous and primeval nature. The drydown offers a strong yet signed sillage, melting cypriol, virile and seducing, ambrox, deep and sensual, and musk, enveloping and longlasting.

Packaging: A linear bottle, in green glass for men and red glass for women. Each bottle has a unique cap made of the highest quality ash which is created piece by piece, offering a level of craftsmanship that has almost disappeared. The cap also features a magnetic closure. The mixture of warm and cold materials meet without losing their own sensory qualities. Wood as a material lends an archaic flavour, powerful yet reassuring, while the brilliance and clarity of glass and aluminium, enhance the preciousness of the liquid inside.

Product Range:

Dsquared2 Green Wood eau de toilette natural spray 50 ml
Dsquared2 Green Wood eau de toilette natural spray 100 ml