Lesquendieu perfumes and scented candles are entirely handmade in French workshops. We assemble our fragrance creations from the finest, rare essences, mainly of natural origin. The entire process, from maturation to production, is carried out in our workshop in Grasse; the world capital of perfume.

Olfactive Family: Woody Spicy Citrusy.
Grapefruit, Bergamot, Mandarin.
Ginger, Mint, Vetiver.
Gaiac wood, Tonka bean, Cedar.

Fragrance: An exhilarating explosion of bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin essential oils blended with the freshness and modernity of ginger. This union rests on the warm and reassuring base notes of Gaiac wood, Tonka bean and Cedar.
Joseph Lesquendieu named this fragrance “Bonne Fortune” French for «Good fate, Lucky fate». It refers to the making of the creation. While the process usually takes several years, Joseph came up with the exact blend he wished from the very first attempt. He always considered “Bonne Fortune” a lucky charm to the wearer. First Formula from 1927.
“The freshness of grapefruit and the warmth of Tonka bean. To me, this is the olfactory definition of Lucky Fate. ” Jerome Lesquendieu

Packaging: The perfumes are handmade and require many hours of passionate work. Each “Eau de Parfum” is finished with pure 24 karat gold plated cap and label and a crystal clear bottle made by the best glassmakers.
The entire lines of our products are handcrafted in France.

Product Range: 

Bonne Fortune EDP 75 ml