Mr. Kashif Shehzaad

Group CEO

With nearly two decades of experience working in both the heart and loft of the group’s distribution business, Kashif Shehzaad, the Group CEO and is actively wielding Luxe Port Trading to its fullest extent of unrealized capacity.

Charged with positioning Luxe Port’s portfolio of brands as best in class in UAE territory and to saturated territories within GCC. Kashif leads the company’s strategy to bolster its market share and continue delivering superior performance for the company and its venerated partners.

His foundational enterprise, trailing to shape up his career, started as he handled his very first international brand, Estee Lauder, at one of the key distribution players in UAE market, Salam Studios & Stores. Soaring to his next heights as Kashif was entrusted with prestigious portfolio of Euro Italia brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Moschino to mention a few, and there unfolds innumerable count of manoeuvring successes through and through.