I & J- The captivating new fragrances from Costume National.

Since its origins, the style of CoSTUME NATIONAL has always stood out for its unique blend of two fashion cultures quite far from each other: the Japanese culture, with its minimal and deconstructed lines, and the Italian one, world renowned for its impeccable sartorial quality.

The inspiration for the two new fragrances “I & J” came precisely from these eclectic stylistic influences: the new olfactive composition represents the harmony between these two distant cultures.

Japan is a fascinating country with a rich cultural background, remarkable traditions and customs have consolidated, strongly characterizing the everyday life and making its population known worldwide for their natural discretion, calmness and delicacy combined with a great sense of humility, dignity and moral strength.

Inspired by the Japanese culture, the new fragrance J embodies all these aspects. Its fresh and sparkling head notes are reminiscent of the Japanese creativity, evoking at the same time a fundamental matter: water. The luminous heart unfolds brightness, gentleness and elegance. The charming and captivating base notes recall the depth of traditions.

The flourishing cultural and historical background of Italy needs no introduction. Since the Middle Ages arts and crafts have played a crucial role – not only for the economic, social and political development – but also giving prestige to the creative and stylistic genius that still distinguishes us today.

Inspired by the Italian culture and specifically Tuscany, “I” celebrates the most renowned and traditional craftsmanship of this region: leather. Still manufactured making use of ancient techniques, its remarkable quality makes it an incomparable product renowned all over the world. The spicy and opulent head recalls the precious scents of ancient times. Its heart, deep and enigmatic, brings back the glorious history of this land, while embracing base notes, with a bold and resolute twist, reveal an elegant and fearless character.


Costume National I & J, had been successfully launched in Paris Gallery stores throughout UAE with Mall Podium in Fujairah City Centre in Fujairah, and displaying instore podiums at Abu Dhabi Mall and Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, Bawadi Mall in Al Ain and Sahara Centre in Sharjah.

Just as expected both I & J received exceptional acceptance by new as well as loyal customers alike. And we are sure the references will be a talk for amongst perfume clientele for a long time to come.

In addition to Paris Gallery the novelties received a rewarding response during its launch in Debenhams stores as well. The brand was animated at all the stores of Debenhams through Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with an instore podium at Dubai Mall. ‘I & J’ was also pleasingly accepted by the clientele of Abu Dhabi during the Mall Podium put up at Al Maryah Central. 

Following the overwhelming response Costume National “I & J” received through all the market, the brand was successfully launched in Galleries Lafayette supported by a mall podium at Dubai Mall during the Beauty Week 2020, which received great response.

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