Could you hear the loud POP? Moschino Bubblegum is making some new noise!

Experience the sweet smell of success for Moschino Bubblegum’s PR and Seeding campaign, as you observe a wave of incredible posts and reviews throughout the Media, and of course Social Media platforms.

The Toy 2 bottle, in its symbolic toy bear form, is now tinted with an elegant and modern pink. This is in dedication to all women who are a #pinkaddict. The majestic rose’s subtlety/overtone is accented with fun, outgoing and playful notes, to invoke the exquisite scent of the iconic Bubblegum flavour, giving the fragrance its name.

ORIENTAL. FLORAL. FRUITY. You can’t get enough!

Lucky recipients were delighted to see the super adorable mini Moschino Toy 2 bottle, highlighted by the bouquet of white flowers.

Standing O for Moschino Fragrances and team! 

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